Our Troupe members currently include:


                               PJ  Abney        Paige Mistelle 
                          David Farlow        Grant Gelvin
                            Susan Guffy        Scott Kolod  
                            Sandy Tate         Peggy Schneider  
                             Neha Curtis       Deborah Zimmer       

We have some flexibility in scheduling.  If your favorite actor isn't scheduled on the night you'd most like to attend please let us know and we may be able to trade nights around, if the actors agree.

We will be taking a break until mid January 2014.  Generally, performances will be scheduled for Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 6:30.  Specific dates and times should be posted soon.

If you are interested in watching a particular actor perform on a night that is not yet on this list please call 760 489 2496 and we will try to schedule that individual for you.

If you were looking for holiday entertainment we would like to suggest that you dine at either Vinz Wine Bar, located at the corner of Grand and Kalmia in Escondido or at El Nopal, located on Kalmia between Grand and 2nd Ave.  Both of these restaurants provide an excellent dining experience and are host restaurants for our dinner theater.  For the show portion of your evening contact Patio Playhouse at 760 746 6669.  They are running "Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge."  It is an irreverent play by Christopher Durang that twists Scrooge, Oliver, George Bailey and other holiday icons in a hilarious, fast paced, holiday farce.


Melissa Farlow